We are a company of entrepreneurs that, throughout our professional career, acquired the knowledge to internationalize and market products in the Mexican market and in countries of the European Union. We mainly seek to be the connector of newly created companies in Europe and Mexico so that they can expand their horizons in a considerably shorter time they d planned.

We have a large distribution network of mass consumption products in Mexico that allows us to place almost any innovative product in this Latin American market in the respective potential sales channel. In Europe, we are working to have the same scope of sale that we have in Mexico to be able to do around business for both parties.


What are the priorities of your enterprise?

Positioning in the Czech market „Búho Soda“ as a healthy soft drink option that handles seven different flavours. All its flavours are free of sodium, free of artificial flavours and colourants, sweetened with Stevia and organic agave syrup.

Be present with these soft drinks in the best restaurants, hotels in the country and specialized stores that want to handle this healthy option.

Bring to the Czech market the Mexican avocado, what is the world’s number one avocado and that has not received the opportunity of commercialization in this part of Europe.



What are your activities in the Czech Republic/European Union?

My activities in the Czech Republic / European Union are to commercialize and potentiate innovative products from Mexican StartUps so that they can have an international expansion in the shortest time they had planned; In addition, they would be complemented by typical Mexican products that seek the opportunity to enter the European market.

The Czech Republic was chosen because of its geographical location since being in the centre of Europe makes the trade to all sides easier and closer. Also, because it is a country with a stable and secure economy that allows a better foreign investment.


How does ČESTA help and support you? What was your motivation to become a member?

ČESTA helps to promote the company and in turn the products that it sells. ČESTA supports Glexico in locating possible sales or exhibition channels that can bring a positive result to the business. My motivation to become a member was to belong to an association that had the scope of markets I was looking for, as well as being able to access a base of contacts that would allow me to extend my sales levels. Also, meeting people from other countries means that Glexico can have a better perspective of what is happening on the continent.


Where is it possible to taste your lemonades now?

The product launch is scheduled for the end of October. It will be available in specialized restaurants, gourmet shops and high-end hotels. The detailed list of places where the product can be tested will be published on the company’s Facebook fan page.

Paulo Rosas, Sales Manager



Paulo Rosas

Sales Manager


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