ProChile France: Invitation – Chile as a reliable food and drinks supplier

Dear Sir/Madam,

We invite you to discover Chile as a reliable food and drinks supplier, unveiling the industry’s cross values: quality, innocuousness, traceability, origin and innovation. Qualities that allow the country to offer healthy products and ingredients, aligned with the world’s food trends: superfoods, local and organic products, among others.

The event will be host by Jorge O’Ryan Schutz, ProChile’s CEO; and Ignacio Morandé trade commissioner at ProChile France. Along with them Didier Wauters, agricultural attaché for the European Commission, will speak about the organic agreement between Chile and the EU and the new regulation on novel foods.

During the event, an outlook on investment opportunities and natural ingredients in Chile will be presented. Also, a group of Chilean entrepreneurs will discuss about their experiences and benefits of maqui and rosehips, their products and services.

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When? October 23rd at 14:30 h. Where: Sial Chile´s Hall G064, Paris.

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