Workshop&Networking with Mrs. Alena Huberová: Make an Impact With Your Presence

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Thank Alena Huberova for her brilliant 💎 and inspiring Workshop Make an Impact With Your Presence organized by ČESTA and Cámara de Comercio Hispano-Checa that took place yesterday in Café AdAstra.

Many of you have asked us to organize (soon!) another event with enthusiastic Alena. We promise to do so, for those who can`t wait any longer, enjoy her energetic speech already today – join her webinars about the typical struggles women face in management and also possible remedies „Why more people prefer a male boss and what can we do about it, ladies?“ starting at 19:00 o`clock, see more here:….

Thank you all for coming, we wish you a great day! 🌸☀️

More photos in the gallery.